Adler Family

Adler Family

My husband Jeff and I have two children, Jack is 6 and Ivy is 3.  Jack is currently in Kindergarten at St. Lamberts School and Ivy will begin Preschool at St. Lamberts in the fall.  Enrolling our children in the Catholic School system was the best decision Jeff and I have ever made.  Not only do we believe that our children are getting a top notch education, but they are learning about our faith and strengthening their relationship with God on a daily basis.  Jack’s love for the Lord is amazing; at only 6 years old he is so wise and loves to share what he learned at school about his faith.  Not only has the catholic school system benefited Jack, but it has affected the whole family.  Jeff and I want to help our children think in Biblically and emotionally healthy ways, getting involved in the Catholic School system has helped guide Jeff and I as we do our best in our parenting.  We believe that there is no greater knowledge than the knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ and without him in our lives, we are empty.  Jack is filled with Jesus Christ on a daily basis and that is priceless to us.

Jeff and Brooke Adler

Althoff Family

Althoff Family at wedding

What I appreciate about St. Lambert School:

I appreciate the teachers, many of whom have taught for a long time, and offer their skills as well as their genuine care for the children.  I appreciate the fact that the teachers and staff are friends with each other, which provides a solid base for the relationships throughout the school and a positive model for the students.

I appreciate the pastors, past and present, who have invested their time and spiritual leadership to the students.  They are true father figures and the kids all know and love them.  They are present at weekly Mass as well as visits to the classrooms, lunch room, playground and special events.

I appreciate the principals, past and present, who have poured their lives into the leadership of the staff and students, always with God’s will at the forefront of their decisions.

What SFCS means to our family:

It is essential to me to know that the people who are helping us form our children and who spend many hours each day with them will be reinforcing the Catholic values that we try to model at home.  This is what I see happening within Sioux Falls Catholic Schools.  The students are offered the sacraments on a regular basis, prayer each day, respectful discipline, challenging curriculum, appropriate extra-curricular activities and time with adults who strive to serve God in their lives.

Kate Althoff

Labahn Family

Labahn Family

In choosing St. Lambert for our children’s education, a faith-based environment with parental involvement was an extremely important factor for us, and we have tremendous confidence in our children’s education due to the high academic standards utilized throughout the Sioux Falls Catholic School system. The diversity in the student population, the range of educational opportunities, and the extra-curricular activities are unmatched. We feel enormously blessed and thankful for the education that our children are receiving at St. Lambert and the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools!

Steve and Deb Labahn

Starr Family

Starr Family Fall 2014

Our parents chose a Catholic education for us as children. So it was natural for us to pass that tradition on to our children. We experienced the importance of faith combined with our education and we wanted that for our children.

At St Lambert School our children experience Jesus daily. They pray, laugh and most importantly learn every day. The staff not only presents a challenging curriculum but they are able to share their faith with our children. We witness how the teachers see each student as an individual. The teachers are able to assist them to identify and share their talents as gifts from the Lord.

There are so many blessings that we receive at St Lambert School like small class sizes, a diverse population, high ranking academic performance,  a safe environment, a weekly Mass and UNIFORMS!

We chose a Catholic education for our children but more importantly we are part of the family at St Lambert School and the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools.

Pat and Emily Starr

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