Our schools have a uniform policy for all PK-6 students. Uniforms provide our students with a sense of identity and membership. We believe a uniform policy helps to eliminate class distinctions and affirms our belief that a student’s understanding of self should be based upon faith, character, and Christian dignity, not outward appearance.

Students are required to wear uniforms on all days except those specified as dress up/down days by the administration. Please mark uniform components to aid in the return of lost items. All unclaimed items will be placed in the school’s Lost and Found, available to claim at conference times and at the end of the school year. Items that have not been claimed are donated to charity.

See uniform policy details below.


Sioux Falls Catholic School Preschool through 6th grade students’ uniforms consist of:

  • Pants
    (Boys/Girls) – Navy blue color (twill or corduroy material only), and worn at the natural waistline. Pant guidelines: no decorations, prints, denim, royal blue color, jogging pants, or cargo/capri/carpenter styles. PreK – 2nd grade girls may wear navy blue stretch pants (ankle length). Pants following these guidelines may be purchased from local vendors or Dennis Uniform Company.
  • Shirts 
    White shirts of any style and sleeve length with a collar or turtleneck. All shirts must be tucked in. No decorations, logos, contrasting colors, t-shirts, undershirts or tanktops. Preferred shirts: polo, collared cotton, turtlenecks, or mock turtlenecks. Shirts that conform to these guidelines may be purchased through local vendors or Dennis Uniform Company.
  • Sweaters/Sweatshirts
    School sweatshirts with logo are available for purchase through each school’s SFO (Student/Family Organization). Navy Blue Sweaters may be ordered through Dennis Uniform Company or local vendor (in school color). Collared shirts must be worn under sweaters and sweatshirts. A navy blue fleece vest (optional) may be ordered through the Dennis Uniform Company.
  • Shorts
    (Boys/Girls) – Navy blue walking shorts just above the knee. Styles should be the same as uniform pant and worn at the natural waistline. Limited to April, May, August, September and October. Shorts may be purchased from local vendors but must conform with the uniform policy guidelines. Shorts may also be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company OR from local vendors if the style conforms with uniform policy guidelines.
  • Skirts/Jumpers/Skorts
    Optional uniform plaid skirts or jumpers for individual schools or navy blue skorts are available only through Dennis Uniform Company. Uniform / jumpers/skorts must be no shorter in length than just above the knee.
  • PE Uniforms
    SFCS gray t-shirts and blue shorts, purchased from the Knight Locker (OGHS lobby), and non-scuff athletic shoes are required for grades 4-6.
  • Shoes
    Tennis shoes are recommended; clogs and Ugg boots are not permitted.
  • Other
    Socks must be black, navy or white and need to be above shoe height approaching the ankle must be worn with all types of shoes/sandals (must have back straps). Jewelry should not be excessive, earrings for boys are not allowed. Boys’ hair length must be above collar; rat-tails and inappropriate or unnatural hair color are not allowed (per Administrative discretion).
  • Makeup, body piercings and visible tattoos are not allowed. General – Some clothing fringes on violating the intent of the uniform code. Since we are unable to list all exceptions to the uniform code, we ask for student and parent cooperation by wearing styles congruent with the intended code. Dress down attire must be appropriate and any exceptions to code must be approved.
  • Alternative Dress
    On specified occasions, students have the option of dressing down or dressing up from the regular dress code. These days will be announced in advance and must be pre-approved. The following regulations apply on these days:
  • Casual Dress Days:
    1) No offensive writing on the shirts/blouses which must cover the midriff and be long enough to be tucked in,
    2) No tank tops or frayed, tattered or torn clothing,
    3) Shorts must be no shorter in length than just above the knee,
    4) Socks, stockings or nylons must be worn.
  • Dress Up Days:
    1) Better than dress code attire,
    2) Socks, stockings or nylons must be worn,
    3) Dress attire must be appropriate for the occasion and
    4) Skirts and dresses must be no shorter in length than just above the knee.

**Administrator discretion will be applied to identify inappropriate dress.**

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