The Sioux Falls Catholic School System holds true to its vision of being a Christ-centered community providing a financially viable, world class education for an increasing number of children. Our six elementary schools provide a comprehensive faith-based education, beginning at three years of age with preschool classes.

Our faith is a part of who we are and what we do. It is integrated throughout our school day and through daily activities we learn more about Jesus’ special plan for us and those around us.

No matter what your religious denomination, all students are welcome and can openly express their faith. Your child will experience a community like no other.  Activities become family events, and reaching out to others is taught in terms of serving as Jesus would.

Liturgy & Sacraments

Every day we begin with prayer in the classroom. The liturgical season, Holy days, and holidays are incorporated at each developmental level, not only in prayer, but in special activities and projects. Students are welcome to add their own prayer petitions as we learn to pray for the needs of others.

Each week our students celebrate school liturgy in their parish.  A different class, staff, or group of parents prepare the Mass. By having staff and parents lead and participate in the Mass, students see adults active in their faith lives. Students attend weekly adoration in the church and participate in a traveling Rosary (for intentions presented by families).

Every grade has a formal Religion class daily. We utilize the Our Sunday Visitor series which provides us with an integrated preschool through sixth grade program. First Reconciliation and First Communion are received in second grade. Each student is well prepared for those sacraments.

During the seasons of Lent and Advent, individual confessions are offered to our students in grades 2-6.

Throughout the week, every class has a routine of morning prayer, lunchtime grace, and afternoon prayer. Students are invited to share special prayer requests.

Please join us in any of our prayer and worship times, which can be found on each elementary school’s “About” page. We would love to have you!!

Sioux Falls Catholic Diocese

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