Holy Spirit Elementary School offers education for your child up through 6th grade. Holy Spirit has two sections of each grade and our class sizes range from 15-21 students in a class. We strive for low student/teacher ratios. Our school has educational assistants, counselors, academic service staff, an enrichment program and certified art, music, physical education and computer teachers.

Our students continually earn high scores and demonstrate excellent growth in academic areas on formal, informal and standardized tests. Our professional and dedicated staff help all students achieve to their fullest potential in safe and positive environments.              We are fully accredited by the state of South Dakota. In addition, all students receive instruction and access to the library, and the opportunity for band instruction is available grades 5 and 6. Orchestra is a new music option at SFCS for students beginning                    in grade 4.

Our students are well prepared to enter into junior high school when they have completed 6th grade. The 6th grade class has the opportunity to experience and develop leadership skills before they make that transition.

The elementary school hours are from 7:45 am to 2:45 pm. After school care is available in various formats.  YMCA athletic programs are available for student participation as is Boy/Girl Scout programs.

Sioux Falls Catholic Schools are truly a community.  Parents are actively involved in the  education process.  Staff works to communicate  effectively with parents and strives to integrate them in classrooms and other active means of volunteering.  Each school has an active “School Family Organization” which is involved in advising, planning, participating and running social events and assisting with fundraising.  Parents truly are partners in the education process.

We invite you to visit our school! Contact the Principal at (605) 371-1481 or SFCS Admissions Coordinator, Jenni Struck, @ (605) 575-3343, jstruck@sfcss.org to arrange a visit /tour.

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