Christ the King School offers full day, every day (Mondays through Fridays) Kindergarten. The Kindergarten classes begin at 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Kindergarten is a time of learning and growing. Our talented and dedicated teachers build our students’ learning foundation for long-term success. Our students receive a solid academic foundation in a developmentally appropriate format. As our students continue through other grades, their success, faith development and academic strength continues.

Catholic Religion

  • Attend and participate in weekly school liturgies, prayer services and special activities that follow the liturgical seasons of the Church
  • Memorize prayers, study saints and theology through direct instruction
  • Prayer time opportunities offered throughout the day
  • Community service & outreach

 Language Arts

  • Identify the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and the sound-symbol relationships of letters to form words and sentences
  • Development of pre-reading readiness and reading skills through literature and skill lessons
  • Identify cause and effect, fact and fantasy, sequencing events, retelling a story and classifying and comparing items
  • Writing skills are stressed through letters, words, sentences and simple paragraph production


  • Counting to 100 (single numbers and by 5’s and 10’s)
  • Numerical concepts through 20 (and beyond)
  • Reading and interpreting pictographs, patterns, and bar graphs, understanding comparative analysis
  • Identifying the days of the week, months of the year and concepts of calendars and telling time
  • Identifying monetary values of the penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar
  • Grasping addition and subtraction skills with concepts through sets of ten and displaying problem solving skills
  • Problem solving skills are enhanced through all content areas

Science and Social Studies

  • Learn to identify and compare seeds, plants, animals and how they grow
  • Learn to classify and compare objects, predict and describe motion and movement (energy), describe weather, the sun/moon, day/night, the four seasons
  • Identify the senses, parts of the body and proper ways to take care of him/herself
  • Learn about their school, neighborhood and community


  • Weekly instruction in Music, Art, P.E., Library and Computer
  • Music—develop rhythm and an appreciation for a variety of music—sing and participate in making music
  • Art instruction—fine motor development—creative expression and use of different materials
  • P.E.—Gross motor skills, muscle coordination, good sportsmanship and cooperation are practiced and reinforced throughout the school day
  • Library skills—responsible for their books and learn to respect and enjoy books
  • Technology—including computers, distance learning networks, digital cameras and videotaping


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