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WELCOME TO                       HOLY SPIRIT SCHOOL!

Holy Spirit School offers education for your child up through 6th grade.

The Holy Spirit School Faculty and staff share the conviction that every child can learn to lead a life of service. We carry out a great mission to serve God by building knowledge and character in our young people.

By teaching the Word of God, we prepare our students to follow a path of virtue, compassion, and sacrifice for the rest of their lives. And by insisting on high standards for academic achievement, Holy Spirit School has a competitive, yet friendly and fun-filled learning atmosphere.

“It takes a ‘family’ to raise a child.” The Holy Spirit “extended family” is comprised of pastors, administration, faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers. There are many opportunities for involvement in academics, special events, lunchroom, recesses and much more. Everyone is welcome!

Visit our school and feel the enthusiasm for our faith and the love of learning! Contact Regan Manning,Principal at (605) 371-1481 or SFCS Admissions Coordinator, Jenni Struck, @ (605) 575-3358, jstruck@sfcss.org to arrange a visit /tour.

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From The Principal
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Regan Manning, Principal, Holy Spirit





The school year is off to a fantastic start. I would like to welcome our over 30 new families that have joined our Holy Spirit School family this year. I look forward to getting to know you and your children better as the school year unfolds. The teachers and students have been working very hard in establishing routines the past two weeks. I would like to thank all parents for getting their children to school on time. Students need to be in their classrooms ready  at 7:45 a.m. to avoid being counted tardy. This year letters will be sent home if your child reaches 5, 9 or 12 tardies or absences.

As a school we have implemented a few new policies and procedures this year. These policies and proceduralchanges have been put in place after reviewing perceptual data from our parent surveys, student peer relations surveys as well as feedback from school staff.

           Silent Hallways

The first procedural change is the silent hallway expectation. Students are expected to walk silently in the hallways whenever they are moving from one place to another throughout the day. Each class has selected an individual goal for the silent hallways and earn a star once they have met their class goal.Be sure to check out our “Hall Stars” bulletin board on display in the foyer next time you are in the school.

  Virtue Beans

We will continue to focus on a different virtue each month as in years past. This year we have replaced the virtue coupons with virtue beans.  This year, when a student demonstrates good virtue, he or she will earn a virtue bean to place in their class jar. On Friday mornings during prayer and pledge time each class will bring their class jars to the gym and dump them into the  school barrel. Once the school collectively meets the various benchmarks denoted on the barrel the school will celebrate with a reward at that particular benchmark.

Green Plate Club

In the lunchroom this year we are working on helping the children self regulate the noise level while they are eating lunch. Rather than having 5 minutes of quiet time, we will be using green, yellow and red paddles. Because lunchtime is a great time to socialize with friends we want the students to visit with their tablemates in a conversational manner. If the noise level begins to get too loud the yellow paddle will go up letting the students know that they need to adjust the volume in the conversations to bring it back into the green zone. If the noise level continues to get louder after the yellow paddle has been raised the red paddle may go up and there will be no talking for a couple minutes. We will be having friendly competitions between the three lunch periods every couple weeks with the lunch group earning a different reward for earning the most green plates during that span.

Blessings! Mr. Manning

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