About Sioux Falls Catholic Schools

Sioux Falls Catholic Schools (SFCS) is a  uniquely unified Catholic school system comprised of six elementary schools, a central junior high and a nationally-ranked high school. Our students and staff are very committed to academic excellence. Our long-standing mission, “to form a community of faith and learning…through gospel values and academic excellence,” serves as the foundation for all decisions and actions. The focus on building a strong faith community creates a unique bond between parishes, schools, students, parents and staff.

We personally invite you to consider Sioux Falls Catholic Schools, where we are proud to provide a strong spiritual and educational opportunity for all children!

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To learn more about Sioux Falls Catholic Schools, please visit our main website: sfcss.org

Our Mission
The mission of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools is to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence.

Our Community
We are blessed at Sioux Falls Catholic Schools to have a strong community of parents, volunteers, friends and supporters who are all driven by our mission. The experience of shared community can be witnessed at our masses, special events, activities and service opportunities. Students, parents and faculty alike gather in prayer, serve our community and support each other in athletic, academic and artistic endeavors. It is a community like no other.

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